This is What #HangaPitchFest Meant to Me

by Annet Baingana | Apr 26, 2022 | Blog 
Dear Leader,
#HangaPitchFest was a competition for great innovative ideas. It took place in December last year in Kigali. It was refreshing to see the incredible talent among us. I have been thinking about it ever since, and here is why. 

As a student of human potential, I didn’t doubt for a second that we have all those incredible innovative ideas in our midst. I believe there is, in fact, much more! But what was impressive was the way leadership broke down the vision for innovation; #HangaPitchFest, plain and simple for all of us to grasp.

Three things are required for you to be innovative: a) think different, b) be curious and c) solve a problem.

We had always heard about innovation and creativity. And those words sounded ‘powerful’ and distant – until HangaPitchFest happened. Now the idea was broken down in simple terms for everyone to understand. 

Albert Einstein put it this way, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. And that is a key role of leadership. 

I believe we are born creators; it’s just that we don’t give our creativity our absolute attention. 

Look at the chair you’re seated on, the car you drive, the computer you use, the phone in your hands, someone thought about that. 

So, what is your big idea? I wanted to challenge us to think!


A few days ago I was talking with a colleague of mine. She told me a story of one of her coaching classes with middle sc

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