Can You See More Than Others See?

by Annet Baingana | March 13 2022| Blog “A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others do.” – Leroy Eims.

My latest favorite movie of all time is King Richard! This movie has inspired me in an incredible way. If you haven’t watched it, please do. I might be obsessed with it simply because I am a student of leadership, but it is really a worthwhile movie.

This movie is simply a picture of a leader/father who sees more than others see, and leads with vision. He or she sees the potential and develops it for a better future. This is a key trait and responsibility of any great leader. 

King Richard is and was a visionary leader – with an ability to see the invisible. He saw his two daughters become tennis superstars, global winners and lasting champions! He saw that future clearly; and against all odds, fought hard to make this vision a reality.

Despite the living conditions they were in: two jobs a day for the father; living from hand to mouth; and other challenging circumstances, he still held his daughters to a higher standard. He took them to practice daily, and made sure they too adopted the vision he had.

He painted that future for his girls. He told them that they had the potential and ability to be the Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods of their generation. That picture was clear, simple, on-point, and more importantly, inspiring to the girls.

He was so passionate about the vision that when people tried to discourage him, he never lost sight of what he ‘saw’. There are many leadership lessons to pick from this movie.

I am sharing this because I’ve worked with many leaders whose vision is not clear, or have a lack of passion for the vision. There is not much you can achieve with that kind of leadership. Vision is what drives a leader as well as the team. Vision gives inspiration and direction. Without vision, a leader is purposeless. Without purpose, both the leader and the led easily become discouraged, dissatisfied, and unhappy.    

Reflection Question: How clear is the picture of the future you want or hope for?

Remember, passion is a huge differentiator between an average leader and a great leader.  

If you have a dream that consumes you, I recommend that you watch the movie King Richard; and be even more inspired.  

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