As a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, and facilitator, Annet brings over 15 years of developing, managing, and implementing paradigm shifting programs for national, international organizations and government agencies.

Her experience, skill and knowledge of individual and organizational dynamics in an east african business context have produced solution-focused, in-depth trainings, tools and strategies focused on sustainable leadership, professional growth, improved team engagement and transformational culture building.

Annet has a knack for drawing in audiences with her insightful and compassionate coaching style, which instills in her clients the confidence to lead and the conviction to build more resilient and responsive teams. With a solid track record for designing, developing, and delivering effective and professional development programs, her method is simple, practical and result oriented.

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Annet Baingana

Annet crafts keynotes and workshops that help leaders, executive teams, and conference attendees get clear on where they are and what matters to them, so that they can unleash their inner leader and take authorship of their next chapter in their leadership journey.

AB-Leadership Solutions’ programs take a deep dive into the inner workings of your organization and leadership to solve issues at their core and transform the organization from the inside out.

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AB-Leadership Solutions focuses on developing a leader’s full potential by coaching them to think and act beyond existing limits and paradigms.

Our approach is simple – we begin with your end in mind. we partner with our clients to create customized solutions and programs to unlock, transform, and optimize his or her god given leadership potential – one leader, one team, and one organization at a time.

Who We Serve

We work with CEOs, C-Level Executives and Directors creating alignment, engagement and accountability through a purpose-driven, tailored program to provide them the tools and strategies needed to succeed an environment of unprecedented uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.


AB-Leadership by Annet BAINGANA