Coaching is the art of bringing a client into a resourceful state. They can then experience the things they want in life.

Millennial Leadership Coaching

In many organizations, millennials (ages 18-34) are moving into management and leadership positions much earlier in their careers than the generation before did. Due to Africa’s rapid growth and young population, millennials have already started to shape Africa’s future and are redefining and changing what it means to lead. For most millennials – this is their first time leading a team or becoming a CEO and for many of them they want to feel involved and engaged, not just paid and promoted.

AB-Leadership Solutions tailored six-week ‘leadership lab’ coaching program specializes in partnering with organizations,
government agencies, and executive teams who manage cross-generational teams of first-time CEOs and millennial leaders.

This program is designed to engage and grow well-rounded millennial leaders who impact positive and systematic change in their organizations. The Leadership Lab consists of three modules:

Module 1

Leadership Fundamentals

Module 2

Experiental Learning

Module 3

Leadership Toolkit

AB-Leadership by Annet BAINGANA